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ChipMeNot - Case Study bedley

Bedley, 8yr old Bedlington Terrier
- developed a tumour at chip location, 2016

"We got Bedley the 8 year old Bedlington terrier microchipped on January 12th. After a week we noticed a lump, by week 2 the lump was the size of a golfball. We booked an appointment with the vet who decided to take a biopsy for the lab. When the needle was inserted a large amount of bloody fluid and pus came out and both ourselves and the vet breathed a sigh of relief and the vet said "oh good it may only be an abscess", but it quickly became obvious that although no more fluid was draining there was still a large lump there. Some of the fluid was smeared onto a microscope slide for the lab and Bedley was prescribed antibiotics and anti inflammation tables. After another week we returned and the lump had not diminished, in fact it had gotten larger so Bedley was booked in for surgery. In the meantime the results had come back that it was not a malignant tumour thank god."

"During this time ourselves and the vet contacted tracer to seek compensation for Bedley's vet costs. Although they did not respond to us, they responded positively to our vet Tomas (who is a wonderful man) and agreed to pay for his operation, lab work and any other treatment connected to the surgery. The poor lad suffered a great deal and we're just so glad we have a fantastic vet who was quick to act and take such good care of Bedley. It was so sad to see Bedley walking around with the drainage tubes sticking out of his back like a little pair of deflated wings."

"We now strongly urge people to think twice about microchipping, as Bedley is a very strong, healthy medium sized dog and even his body couldn't cope with a microchip."